Carpeting & Curtaining

Carpeting & Curtaining (All types, Installation & Maintenance)

We offer removal, installation, relocation, dumping and provisioning of all sorts of carpets and curtains according to your budget and needs so as to enhancing the looks of your building by providing a rich feel to the interiors with a high longevity.

We boasts about having the widest range of products covering all types of Carpets, Curtains and Blinds such as Residential, Office, Mosque, Exhibition etc.

We also provide Grass Carpets, Welcome Carpets, Sisal Carpets, Animal Skin Carpets, Persian Carpets, Axminster Carpets, Outdoor Carpets, Vinyl Carpets, Stairs Carpets and many more.

We offer a huge choice of beautiful fabrics and superb designs. From cottons and luxurious chenille‚€™s to bold prints and delicate embroidered designs, we‚€™ve selected only the finest materials for our range that is exceptional in every way.

From chic and sophisticated to pretty and homely, our inspirational range of fabrics has been carefully selected so you can be sure they'll be a design that's right for you. And with a stylish range of finishing touches, including poles, finials and tie-backs, let's just say we've got everything you need to make a window, make a room.